Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 | 9:05 am

The Battle of The Phones

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What’s Germany’s next top model? That is, phone model. Since the old days of phones being a sober communication tool with no extras and definitely no entertainment the concept of “phone” changed dramatically. We’ve grown accustomed to some of the nice new features that help organize your day, listen to your favorite radio show on the bus or show off holiday pictures – and, hell, we would miss them if we didn’t have them. When “Smartphones” hit the market for the first time, for most of our contemporaries they resembled a Frankenstein-like mixture of a PDA and a cellular, and most prefered their laptops and regular mobile phones to their geeky rivals. As soon as Apple Inc. introduced their iPhone things changed for good.

From now on, every other cell phone seemed ancient in comparison. For the first time, an almost affordable smartphone hit the market. A year has passed and the iPhone stood unrivaled. Until this week, when Sony Ericsson entered the match with its Xperia X1.

Where’s the difference?
On first glance, the X1 provides a larger range of high-bandwidth connectivity, higher resolution, GPS and a collapseable keyboard. The iPhone, however yields much more memory, a much more sophisticated interface,… well and it’s a Mac product (X1 uses Windows mobile as operating system).

What is the better model for Germany?
Unless you are a complete Mac addict, I fear that the keyboard suits the needs better for a less intuitive, more PDA-trained league of business and student customers. For most, being abled to run Microsoft Word on their mobile phone by far outweighs anything the iPhone could offer in return. Right now, contract offers will help decide the battle throughout the next quarter.

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