Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 | 5:00 am

Featuring: Marcel Eichner

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Surely, there are talents closer to home than the previously featured ones from Israel and Portugal. One example of them, Berlin-based illustrator / designer / VJ / coder / artist Marcel Eichner stuck out from the mass of great designers not because of his style – which can be refered to as 2008ish Mitte-Prenzlauer Berg trashy but glossy look if you know what I mean. Rather, I was amazed by the combination of skills both in the area of web coding, illustration, motion and that certain play with outlines and colors somewhat unusual for this gray city of ours. The vast majority of designers I have chatted or worked do not fit the description of “tech-savvy design personalities” – Mr. Eichner does. You can check out his work or read his blog at

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