Friday, March 7th, 2008 | 7:32 am

A City on Two Wheels

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Now with the BVG (the city’s subway, bus and tram authority) on strike and the German Rail owned Berlin speed train system (S-Bahn) heading into the same direction, visitors and citizens alike are forced to evade and make use of their two- or four-wheeled companions. One can bet to be caught up in a gridlock on Potsdamer Strasse heading northbound towards Potsdamer Platz or around Friedrichstrasse. Many commuters switch to their bikes. In fact, Berlin is a great place to find and ride your perfect bike, even when some of the cobblestone streets or car-friendly junctions suggest otherwise.

With five branches across town, Fahrradstation is virtually anywhere you might need it. You are looking to rent a bike to bridge the gap of your missing train connection and beyond? Visit them at Auguststrasse! Can’t remember where you left that old iron donkey you bought for 15 Marks in 1996? Go to their Kreuzberg store and try their Trek-line of bikes.

Little John Bikes
Little John has everything you might need around bycicles – a huge range of different models can be found in Schöneberg on Hauptstrasse, near Kleistpark. Their staff can rightfully be called “qualified”. And really, you can’t miss it when walking or driving by their store… it’s colored in bright magenta and black.

It’s nice to know where your mobile life’s necessities are when cycling down Kurfürstendamm. You’d be happy to find them safe and snug in a kultbag. They have just the right sizes to fit everything into it you might need. And have that certain look to them to be in sync with the local scene.

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